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Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of Microdroplets by Vibration
Kosuke FujishiroSatomitsu Imai
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論文ID: 2020OMS0006


In fields such as medicine and chemistry, methods for transporting microdroplets are currently necessitated, which include the analysis of reagents, mixing, and separation. As microdroplets become finer, their movement becomes difficult to control as a result of surface tension. This has resulted in the use of an excessive amount of reagents. In this study, we evaluated the dynamic characteristics of microdroplets and the excitation force. Microdroplets were dropped onto a tilted glass substrate, and the displacement of the microdroplets was measured while changing the droplet amount, vibration frequency, and vibration direction. Moreover, the behavior of the droplet just before it started to move was observed, and the relationship between the displacement of the minute droplet and the vibration force was compared and examined.

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