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Multi-Distance Function Trilateration over k-NN Fingerprinting for Indoor Positioning and Its Evaluation
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2020 年 E103.D 巻 5 号 p. 1055-1066


This manuscript discusses a new indoor positioning method and proposes a multi-distance function trilateration over k-NN fingerprinting method using radio signals. Generally, the strength of radio signals, referred to received signal strength indicator or RSSI, decreases as they travel in space. Our method employs a list of fingerprints comprised of RSSIs to absorb interference between radio signals, which happens around the transmitters and it also employs multiple distance functions for conversion from distance between fingerprints to the physical distance in order to absorb the interference that happens around the receiver then it performs trilateration between the top three closest fingerprints to locate the receiver's current position. An experiment in positioning performance is conducted in our laboratory and the result shows that our method is viable for a position-level indoor positioning method and it could improve positioning performance by 12.7% of positioning error to 0.406 in meter in comparison with traditional methods.

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