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IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Vol. E91.D (2008) No. 9 P 2341-2352



Regular Section

Using query-by-sketch we propose an application to efficiently create collages with some user interaction. Using rough color strokes that represent the target collage, images are automatically retrieved and segmented to create a seamless collage. The database is indexed using simple geometrical and color features for each region, and histograms that represent these features for each image. The image collection is then queried by means of a simple paint tool. The individual segments retrieved are added to the collage using Poisson image editing or alpha matting. The user is able to modify the default segmentations interactively, as well as the position, scale, and blending options for each object. The resulting collage can then be used as an input query to find other relevant images from the database.

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