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Original Article
Microfungi associated with a myrmecophyte Macaranga bancana
Dai HiroseShoko SakaiTakao ItiokaTakashi Osono
ジャーナル フリー

2013 年 22 巻 1 号 p. 19-25


Microfungal populations associated with the domatia and food bodies of Macaranga bancana (Euphorbiaceae) and its obligate symbiotic ant Crematogaster borneensis were examined using culture-dependent methods. Forty-four fungal isolates were obtained and grouped into 15 operational taxonomic units (OTUs): 11 in Sordariomycetes and two each in Dothideomycetes and Eurotiomycetes. Hypocreales sp.3 (OTU3) was the commonest OTU isolated using the moist chamber method, followed by Paecilomyces sp. (OTU7), Chaetosphaeriaceae sp. (OTU10), Botryosphaeriaceae sp. (OTU12), and Aspergillus sp. (OTU15). Hypocreales sp.1 (OTU1) was the commonest OTU isolated by direct inoculation of the food bodies of M. bancana, darkened domatia materials, and ants and scale insects inside the domatia, followed by Hypocreales sp.3 (OTU3) and Chloridium sp. (OTU11). Molecular phylogenetic affinities of the 15 OTUs suggested that the closest relatives of three, nine, and 13 OTUs were known as insect-associated fungi, plant pathogens, and saprobic fungi, respectively. The possible role of these fungi is discussed.

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