Vacuum and Surface Science
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Transaction of the Joint Conference on Vacuum and Surface Science 2017 [I]
CO Oxidation on Au/TiO2 Thin Films
Chikashi EGAWA
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Keywords: Au, TiO2, CO oxidation, XPS, UPS

2018 Volume 61 Issue 4 Pages 206-208


In a system of Au/TiO2 prepared on a Ti polycrystalline foil, CO oxidation kinetics is investigated. Corresponding to Au overlayer coverage from multilayer to sub-monolayer, bulk like Au 5d states change to those of small Au clusters in the valence region. The rate of CO oxidation depends on Au coverage, while the activation energy is kept to be almost 35 kJ/mol. Hence, it is most likely that CO oxidation proceeds by the presence of low-coordinated Au atoms on the surface of Au particles.

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