Vacuum and Surface Science
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Special Issue : Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) —Recent Trends and Organic Analysis—
Recent Progress of SIMS Technique : from Novel Primary Beams to Advanced Mass Spectrometers
Jiro MATSUOToshio SEKITakaaki AOKI
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2018 Volume 61 Issue 7 Pages 426-434


Recent progress of SIMS technique is reported in conjunction with novel primary ion beams and advanced mass spectrometers. Numerous applications of SIMS have been proposed and demonstrated in last decade, covering from organic semiconductors to cells and tissues. One of the biggest problems was “Static-Limit” for analysis of organic molecules, which is very fragile for ion bombardment. After innovation of massive cluster ion beams, the issue of “Static-Limit” has been overcame. This opens a new possibility for SIMS to analyze organic materials. Ultra-high mass resolution mass spectrometer, MS/MS technique, cationization enhancement and future prospects of SIMS are discussed.

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