Vacuum and Surface Science
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Special Feature : Observation and Control of Micro Energy
Investigation of Organic-Based Thermoelectric Materials for Flexible Thermoelectric Generators
Masakazu NAKAMURAHirotaka KOJIMA
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2020 Volume 63 Issue 5 Pages 239-244


The thermoelectric generator (TEG) is expected to be an energy harvester for the supply of electricity to wearable or Internet-of-Things devices. For this purpose, organic-based thermoelectric materials have been extensively studied. In this report, the results of a survey study on organic-based thermoelectric materials by the author's group are presented, and two novel and interesting material groups introduced. The first is a group of pure organic semiconductors. Giant Seebeck coefficients (>0.1 V/K) are found to appear in such materials near room temperature. Owing to the extremely large Seebeck coefficient, the device structure can be ultimately simple without connecting many p/n semiconductor blocks as in conventional TEGs. The second is a group containing two different material phases, such as carbon nanotube (CNT) composites. They are suitable for fabric-type TEGs. A key issue is how to suppress their high thermal conductivity. A protein molecular junction is used to suppress the phonon propagation while maintaining the electron transport.

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