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Evaluation of Bekanbeushi Marsh as a winter habitat of sika deer
Yoshihiro INATOMIHiroyuki UNOMayumi UENO
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2018 Volume 8 Pages 7-16


We conducted aerial survey in Bekanbeushi Marsh, and compared density index and habitat selection for sika deer(Cervus nippon yesoensis)between Bekanbeushi Marsh and Kushiro Marsh to evaluate the winter habitat quality and identify the marsh where countermeasures should be implemented preferentially. Density index was significantly lower in northern Bekanbeushi Marsh than in northern Kushiro Marsh. Northern Bekanbeushi Marsh had a smaller area of broad-leaved forests which deer selected during winter, deeper snow depth and a lower ratio of southern slope than those in northern Kushiro Marsh. These results suggest that the winter habitat quality for deer in Kushiro Marsh is better than that in Bekanbeushi Marsh. Thus countermeasures for deer management should be preferentially implemented in Kushiro Marsh. Since density index was locally high around valuable bog in Bekanbeushi Marsh, we should evaluate the effect of sika deer on the vegetation.

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