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2016 年 136 巻 5 号 p. 761-767


 An accurate continuous intravenous injection via a peristaltic finger infusion pump has been utilized at outpatient clinics recently. An infusion element designed for this pump is necessary for the accurate handling of the pump, and for proper use of this equipment, we need accurate information. Our experiments have shown that medication administration has occasionally been incomplete at the calculated input time when a peristaltic finger infusion pump has been used. In this paper, we have investigated the cause of the delay in the administration time and the effect of the attachment procedure using a combination of features from three kinds of such infusion pumps and five kinds of exclusive polyvinyl chloride (PVC) infusion sets, under various conditions. Our results suggest that the time required for complete administration was correlated to the input time when five kinds of PVC tubing without stretching were attached to three kinds of peristaltic finger infusion pumps (R2=0.9998-1.0000). However, when the PVC tubing was stretched 1-3 cm and was attached to the pump, the time required for complete administration of the solution was prolonged compared to the recommended listed input time (p<0.01-0.05, ANOVA, Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison). Therefore, we suggest that the procedure technique used by the medical staff and involving the infusion pump adversely prolonged the time required for completion of the administration of medication. In our opinion, pharmacists must provide information concerning not only the drugs, but also the medical devices used to the physicians and nurses.

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