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伊東 育己伊東 明彦畝崎 榮
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2017 年 137 巻 8 号 p. 969-977


 We investigated the preparation of a gelling tablet that swells and forms a gel upon absorbing water, and hence would be easy for patients to swallow. We prepared naked tablets and compressed coated tablets by the direct tableting or wet granule-compression methods, using the commonly prescribed drug acetaminophen (AA) and sodium alginate (AG) as a thickening agent. The tablets quickly absorbed water, had favorable gelling properties, low adhesiveness, appropriate drug dissolution profile, and at the same time, were easy to swallow. In the case of naked tablets, water absorption increased upon granulation, but gelling of AG interfere when AA and AG were present together. There was no change in the adhesiveness, and more than 30 min were required to achieve a 25% dissolution ratio. Compressed coated tablets that were made with AA in the inner layer and granulated AG in the outer layer showed improved dissolution behavior, it was about 90% dissolution ratio in 30 min, owing to the water absorption property of AG, and decreased adhesiveness. In this case, there was a difference in the outer layer thickness. As the outer layer amount increased, dissolution slowed, but it did not depend on the compression pressure. Our gelling tablet can be prepared by using AA (main drug) in the inner layer and an appropriate thickness of granulated AG in the outer layer of compressed coated tablets.

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