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2019 年 139 巻 10 号 p. 1281-1284


In this symposium, we present a novel breathable protective ointment (BPO) formulation developed at the University of Shizuoka for the prevention of moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) intended for use in healthcare settings. MASD occurs when moisture is in constant contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time, causing degradation of the skin barrier. Exposure to physical or chemical stimuli in addition to moisture may lead to different types of moisture-associated dermatitis such as incontinence-associated or periwound dermatitis. Another type of moisture-associated dermatitis, diaper dermatitis, is treated with protective ointments such as white petrolatum and zinc ointment. These ointments protect the skin from irritants but also block insensible dermal perspiration, which promotes further skin maceration. Therefore, we have developed a BPO formulation from white petrolatum and calcium carbonate, which serve as a protectant and pore-forming agent, respectively. In vitro water-proof tests confirmed the skin-protective properties of the BPO, and moisture-permeation tests indicated its breathability. Moreover, the BPO protected the skin from irritants without the loss of skin hydration in rats. Our next step involves the trial of BPO in infants with diaper dermatitis. In the future, this BPO could be used as an ointment base for active pharmaceutical ingredients used to prevent MASD.

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