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Comparison of Pegfilgrastim and Filgrastim for the Primary Prophylactic Effect for Preventing Febrile Neutropenia in Patients Undergoing Rituximab with Dose-adjusted EPOCH Chemotherapy
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2019 年 139 巻 4 号 p. 629-633


The combination of dose-adjusted etoposide, prednisone, vincristine, cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin with rituximab (DA-EPOCH-R) is used for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Febrile neutropenia (FN) is a common complication of treatment with myelo-suppressive chemotherapy, so preventing FN is important for maintaining chemotherapy dosage. Recently, pegfilgrastim has been used as the primary prophylaxis of FN in Japan, but there have been few cases reported using pegfilgrastim for the primary prophylaxis in DA-EPOCH-R. In this study, we retrospectively compared the efficacy of pegfilgrastim with that of filgrastim in patients receiving DA-EPOCH-R in Hiroshima University Hospital. Efficacy assessment was based on incidence of FN and serious neutropenia (neutrophil count <500/μL), hospitalization days and chemotherapy dosage level. Ten patients met the inclusion criteria: pegfilgrastim (n=5, 30 cycles) or filgrastim (n=5, 16 cycles). No difference in efficacy existed between pegfilgrastim and filgrastim in the first cycle; however, 2 of 5 patients in filgrastim group reduced dose level in the total cycles of chemotherapy, no patients in pegfilgrastim group reduced. In conclusion, pegfilgrastim seemed better than filgrastim for the primary prophylaxis in DA-EPOCH-R.

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