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2019 年 139 巻 4 号 p. 519-523


Recently, we considered the term ‘integrated community care system’ and aimed to play a role in the process by joining various healthcare occupations as part of this new integrated system. Given our company's ties with people involved in a range of occupations, we are poised to play a liaison role. We called a “face-to-face meeting” with local healthcare practitioners to begin exploring this cooperation. We believe that as meetings such as these become more widespread across the Kinki Region, they can serve as part of an integrated community care system. Through the formation of a number of alliances by this means, we hope to facilitate the transition to an integrated community care system. The meetings will provide opportunities for a range of healthcare and long-term care professionals, such as physicians, pharmacists, care managers, social workers, and home-visit nurses, to engage in discussions centered on the interests and needs of patients. Another important topic is whether we can derive from these conversations efforts that would assist in the development of “health support pharmacies”. In that regard, we have set up some support tools for pharmacies that have held health fairs for local inhabitants. We consider these meetings beneficial in finding a solution to the situation of “polypharmacy”—a recent medical problem. We hope that our meetings will create an opportunity to work cooperatively toward a vision for the future of healthcare and long-term care within a community, through communicating and sharing our proposals for pharmacists based on these experiences.

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