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2019 年 139 巻 4 号 p. 529-532


The primary pharmacy system and health support pharmacy system were established in 2016. However, local pharmacies need to get closer to the community. To this end, each pharmacy is making efforts to contribute locally. Here, we introduce various initiatives in our region. Akakabe Pharmacy has 66 stores in Osaka Prefecture, mainly in the northeastern part of Osaka, where the elderly population is growing. We are implementing a dominant strategy: cooperation with the city and administration is strong, and we hold many related events directed towards the public. For example, two thousand participants gathered in an event sponsored by the city aimed at the improvement of beauty and health. At such events, participants can easily consult with pharmacists. Dispensing pharmacy stores—pharmacies that combine the features of a convenience store with care consulting services—were established in 2016. Care consultations are potentially highly advantageous to the users. In the consultation space of a pharmacy, a care worker conducts various events every month, such as on dementia prevention, body composition measurement, and more. We believe that this type of combined pharmacy and convenience store has the potential to become a regional comprehensive care center. We intend to share the possibility of a new pharmacy system, centered on this pharmacy/store/consultation model, as a basis to revamp the pharmacy industry.

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