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Analysis of the Distribution of Community Pharmacies and Pharmacists in Miyagi Prefecture
小野寺 亮富永 敦子佐藤 健太一條 宏平澤 典保
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2021 年 141 巻 2 号 p. 273-279


In Japan, the aging of the population is serious problem. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is constructing a new support system for elderly people called “Community-based integrated care system”. In this system, community pharmacists are expected to play an important role as healthcare professionals for the whole community, including elderly people. Since pharmacists will be needed to manage community health in addition to their daily tasks, it is required to reassess the distribution of community pharmacies and pharmacists. In this study, we surveyed their distribution in Miyagi prefecture by using statistical data from public institutions and reevaluated the distribution to raise problems. Based on the numbers of community pharmacies and pharmacists per 1000 population in the whole Miyagi prefecture, each area was ranked to 2 categories and analyzed regarding population, aging rate and inhabitable land area. It was disclosed that the higher aging rate areas had the higher rate of category below the average of whole Miyagi prefecture, especially in the number of pharmacists. When the numbers of pharmacies and pharmacists per the inhabitable land area were used, the uneven distribution became clearer than when those per population were used. These findings suggested that it was important to characterize the areas by not only the ratios of community pharmacies and pharmacists to population numbers but also by the aging rates and inhabitable land area, which were related to the work efficiency of pharmacists and accessibility for resident to pharmacies.

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