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Psychological Preparations Affecting the Emotions of Children with Developmental Disorders Toward Hospitals
Naho InoueTohru OkanishiMasahiko InoueYoshihiro Maegaki
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2021 年 64 巻 1 号 p. 92-97


Background The psychological preparation factors associated with positive or negative emotions in pediatric patients with developmental disorders are not well known. We aimed to clarify which psychological preparation factors affect positive (favorable) or negative (fear) emotions toward hospitals in pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention deficit hypertensive disorder (ADHD), using the questionnaires for the patients and guardians.

Methods The questionnaires were sent by mail via prefectural patient-family groups to pediatric patients (6 to 15 years old; diagnosed with ASD or ADHD) and their guardians living in seven prefectures in Japan. Thereafter, we statistically analyzed the associations between the background factors or psychological preparations and the patients’ positive or negative emotions toward the hospital.

Results The questionnaire results of 68 patients (age: 6–15 years; 15 = females; 53 = males) and their guardians indicated the main diagnoses for patients were ASD (n = 54) and ADHD (n = 14). Intellectual disability and hypersensitivity were positively associated with fear experiences in the hospital. In contrast, the staff’s explanations during interventions negatively associated with patients’ fear experiences. The psychological preparations performed by doctors during the medical checks were positively associated with the patient’s positive emotions toward the hospital.

Conclusion Regarding the psychological preparations for patients with ASD or ADHD, interpersonal communication with doctors and staff promotes positive emotions and reduces anxiety in the hospital.

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