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The Foundation and Characteristics of Young Children Group by the Parents’ Association
Focus on in the Role of Collaboration in Welfare Hall Young Children Group Business in Koganei City
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2020 Volume 15 Pages 15-29


 The purpose of this study is to reveal the foundation and characteristics of the Welfare Hall Young Children Group in Koganei city, Tokyo. In particular, focused on relations with actors during the 1960's~1970's.

 As a result, Koganei City conducted a survey of the situation and support needs of the city's children with intellectual disabilities in order to determine their standard needs; however, this effort did not result in affecting policy on the establishment of a place of childcare. Several guardians formed a parents' association with the collaboration of the Koganei City social welfare council, showing that the needs of the parents of children with disabilities were an “expressed need.” Consequently, the Koganei Asanaro Association, a young children's issues group was established to address these concerns This concerns of this group were finally taken up by the welfare hall young children group and became a municipal concern. In other words, this establishment of a young children group became the basis for new local childcare for children with disabilities in the 1960's in Koganei City.

 As a characteristic, Koganei Cityit realized a new service that is unique to other cities in order to provide comprehensive support for medical care, education, and welfare through the cooperation and collaboration between Koganei City social welfare council and the parents' association in Koganei City. This collaborative effort acts as a safety net that contributes to the security of an “educational right” for children with disabilities prior to entering school.

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