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Vol. 69 (2011) No. 12 P 1375-1388




Transition-metal-catalyzed transformation to produce various kinds of carbonyl compounds is one of the most powerful synthetic methods. Among them, transition-metal-catalyzed addition reactions of carbonyl compounds to carbon-carbon multiple bonds such as alkynes are environmentally friendly because all atoms of the substrates are retained in the products. Although the addition of aldehydes to alkynes, hydroacylation, has been intensively studied, the addition of acid chlorides, formamides, and formates has not been fully developed. One plausible explanation for it is the occurrence of competing decarbonylation reactions. In addition, relatively lower reactivity of formamides or formates limits the application as substrates in these addition reactions. In this paper, we overview recent results on the transition-metal-catalyzed addition reactions of carbonyl functionalities to alkynes.

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