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  • Kosuke Motoki, Fumiya Yonemitsu, Atsunori Ariga
    Article type: Article
    2021 Volume 27 Issue 1_2 Pages 1_2_1-1_2_22
    Published: March 31, 2021
    Released on J-STAGE: January 22, 2022

    Science is facing a reproducibility crisis, and there is a concern about the reproducibility of the research findings, especially in psychology. The research findings in leading journals of consumer research have been found to be unreproducible. Questionable research practices (QRPs) such as p-hacking and HARKing may be involved in this reproducibility crisis. It has been pointed out that QRPs have been employed in consumer research. In this paper, we discuss the problem of reproducibility and its related issues from the perspective of consumer research. First, we indicate that an implicit research practice in consumer research encompasses QRPs. Next, we discuss how the reproducibility crisis has been perceived in consumer research. Finally, we propose the research practices required for consumer research to deal with QRPs. Focusing on the pre-registration, we introduce credible research practices, such as open data, and accurate and transparent reporting of statistics and experimental materials.

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