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Volume 52 , Issue 7
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    2016 Volume 52 Issue 7 Pages 198-207
    Published: July 01, 2016
    Released: April 17, 2018

    Dismantlable adhesion system responsible to photoirradiation and postbaking as the dual-typeexternal stimuli is a new adhesion technique satisfying adhesive reliability during use and faciledebonding after use. However, this system includes a two-step process for debonding requiring arelatively long time, typically, more than several ten minutes. Further development of quick debondingprocess is indispensable for the use of this system in various application fields. In this study, wereport quick dismantlable adhesion systems using random and block copolymers containing tert-butylacrylate segment as the reactive segment and 2-ethylhexyl and 2-hydroxyethyl acrylates as theadhesive segment. The quick dismantling system within 1 minute was established by the use of LEDas the photoirradiation source and a new photoacid generator(PAG)corresponding to the wavelengthof the used UV light for debonding and the optimization of dismantling conditions such as the PAGconcentration, heating temperature, and photoirradiation dose. A simultaneous photoirradiation andheating process was also revealed to be valid for a decrease in the adhesion strength enough to realizequick dismantling within 1 minute.

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