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Applied Human Science Vol. 14(1995) No. 6

Yoshiyuki Fukuba, Akira Miura, Akira Kan, Kazumasa Yanagawa, Hironori Sato

Released: February 08, 2008


Hajime Harada, Kenji Okabe, Tetsuo Katsuura, Yasuyuki Kikuchi

Released: February 08, 2008


Daniel Moran, Yoram Epstein, Gad Keren, Arie Laor, Jack Sherez, Yair Shapiro

Released: February 08, 2008


Masahide Imaki, Kunihiro Kawabata, Yukie Yoshida, Takeo Nakamura, Seiki Tanada

Released: February 08, 2008


Yuji Fujino, Kumiko Shirata, Motaharu Imanaka, Junko Nishio, Sachio Ogita, Yong K. Park

Released: February 08, 2008


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