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16 巻 , 6 号
  • 田中 美郷
    1973 年 16 巻 6 号 p. 489-504
    発行日: 1973年
    公開日: 2010/04/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    The detailed development of speech and language in a young girl with very severe hearing losses of 100dB was described. She begun to wear a hearing aid as soon as the diagnosis was made at the age of two years and four months. Language education was conducted mainly by her mother who participated in our home training program. The girl entered a school for the deaf at the age of four years and eleven months. The data were mainly collected through the mother's diary specially kept for describing the development of human relation and language comprehension as well as verbal or nonverbal expression in her deaf girl. The results obtained were summarized as follows:
    1) A marked growthh of a vocabulary as well as the development of syntax was noted after the age of three years and three months when she found that all things have their own names.
    2) The pattern of the development of speech in the girl was essentially not different from that observed in normal children.
    3) A residual hearing was indispensable for her acquisition of speech and language even though the hearing losses were as severe as 100dB.
  • 名越 好古, 大下 冨美代
    1973 年 16 巻 6 号 p. 505-509
    発行日: 1973年
    公開日: 2010/04/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    During the past 10 years, the authors as the school doctors offered hearing test and educational consultation to pupils in the classes for the deaf in primary schools A and B in Tokyo. Among these deaf children considenable numbers of children were followed up for a long time in aspect of auditory function and others. These results were as follows:
    In school A, approximately 60% of the whole pupils had auditory capacity of 60-70dB. The remaining 20% had borderline function of 80dB, and those were indicated to education for the hard of hearing or deaf education. In school B, the degree of auditory difficulty varied, and many children had rather good auditory function. In school A, all children had perceptive deafness. In school B, 79% had perceptive deafness, 6.9% had conductive deafness, and 14% had mixed deafness. A considerable difference was found between both schools in the auditory function of children, probably due to the difficulty in unification of the standard for deafness and the difference in handling of mild cases and of advanced impairment of hearing which can be defined as the deaf.
    In order to solve these problems, classes for the deaf should be increased and more teachers should be educated.
  • 佐藤 恒正
    1973 年 16 巻 6 号 p. 510-520
    発行日: 1973年
    公開日: 2010/04/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    This investigation was to determine the ability of counting a train of the interrupted tones.
    The method of examination was as follow:
    The pure tone of 1, 000Hz was interrupted by using the electric switch and composed a train of variable segments which were consisted of groups of 2 to 32 tones. The rates of interruption were from 2 to 8 frequencies per second. These trains of test sounds were recorded on a tape by programming and were presented to the subjects through a single earphone in a sound-proof room.
    The subjects were two groups of 140 normal young adults and of 10 healthy older individuals.
    1) In young adults, the relationship between the rate of interruption and the frequency of error of counting showed a linear function between 5 and 8 frequencies per second, and the higher the rate of interruption was, the greater the standard deviation.
    2) The results of test-retest showed that the subjects responded more correctly to the second procedure.
    3) The relationship between the aural reaction time and the errors of counting showed a significant correlation.
    4) To compare the percentage of errors between the young and aged adults, there was no difference in the range of low frequencies, however, the steepness of the curve representing error in the aged was more sharp than in the young in the range over 4 frequencies per second.
    The clinical significance of this test was discussed.
  • 小田 恂
    1973 年 16 巻 6 号 p. 521-524
    発行日: 1973年
    公開日: 2010/04/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    Deafness as a part of syndrome with congenital cranio-facial-oral anomalies was described in this paper.
    Because of a great number of syndrome with congenital dysplasia and intermediate type between every syndromes, it is not always easy to make a differential diagnosis for such a congenital anomalies.
    In this present paper, Apert's, Crouzon's, Mohr's, Pierre Robin's and Treacher Collins's syndrome were enumerated and their characteristic clinical symptoms, especially otological manifestations and the character of deafness were elucidated.
  • 1973 年 16 巻 6 号 p. 527-528
    発行日: 1973年
    公開日: 2010/04/30
    ジャーナル フリー