Biophysics and Physicobiology
Biophysics and Physicobiology (BPPB) is the official on-line journal of the Biophysical Society of Japan (BSJ). Biophysics has long been developed in a field of physics using physical methods and theories to study the structures and functions of biological systems. Biophysics now spans all scales of biological organization, from the molecular scale to whole organisms and ecosystems, and hence biophysical research demonstrates significant overlaps with biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, nanotechnology, bioengineering, computational biology, systems biology, theoretical biology and so forth. The current activity of biophysics has evidently grown over the first idea in "biophysics", the term originally introduced in the 19th century. BSJ would like to cover the current trend and the future direction of this field with a term “physicobiology” .

Biological systems are bounded by the physical principles and laws, but at the same time the systems apparently exploit these principles and laws, reaching a compromise among them. Technology in biophysics has grown to the level of single molecule and omics analyses that can approach to clarify this detail balance in biology and physics. Physicobiology is going to be driven by de novo researches that clarify how physical factors, such as force, heat, electromagnetic field, stochasticity and so forth that completely obey the physical principles and laws, play a significant role in the biological systems. BSJ believes that the next direction of the biophysics is this physicobiology and would like to lead the direction by transforming the journal to Biophysics and Physicobiology.

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