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  • Hisashi Hamaguchi
    2017 Volume 0 Issue 27 Pages 1-7
    Published: 2017
    Released: December 04, 2019
    Iceland is one of a few countries where whale watching and whaling are simultaneous activities. In 2015, 1,289,100 foreign tourists visited Iceland, of which 271,800 participated in whale watching. In the same year, whalers harvested a total of 155 fin whales and 29 minke whales. While whale watching for minke whales occurs in inner Faxaflói bay, along the capital city of Reykjavík, whaling for minke whales operates just outside the whale watching zone. Because the two zones lie adjacent, periodic friction between the whale watching boats and the whaling boats occurs. The author proposes a “buffer zone” between the two zones for the peaceful co-existence of whale watching and whaling in the Faxaflói bay.
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  • Yoshikazu Uni
    2017 Volume 0 Issue 27 Pages 9-16
    Published: 2017
    Released: December 04, 2019
    More than 50 Far Eastern glass negatives taken by H. G. Melsom in around 1900 were preserved in a museum in Norway. Among these, on 13 images related to Korean coastal whaling, the location and subjects were examined and identified. These images included; the Jangsaengpo whaling station in Ulsan, Jangjeon Bay and Mt. Kumgang, the whale catcher Georgiy and her crew from the Russian Pacific Fisheries Co., the whale catcher Main chartered by Nagasaki whaling Co. and Kosuge Slip Dock, a World Cultural Heritage site, in Nagasaki. The image that portrays whaling on the Korean Peninsula at the beginning in the 20th century is rare and those images with high resolution are extremely valuable.
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