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Volume 43 , Issue 5
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  • P. Michael Barbour, Laura J. Marholz, Le Chang, Wenqing Xu, Xiang Wang
    2014 Volume 43 Issue 5 Pages 572-578
    Published: May 05, 2014
    Released: May 05, 2014
    [Advance publication] Released: January 24, 2014
    Indole alkaloids are a highly diverse and ubiquitous family of natural products often identified in plants that have been used as traditional medicine for millennia. Because of their complex molecular architecture and relevance as potent pharmaceuticals, efficient methods for constructing these polycyclic skeletons are essential for their synthesis. Herein, we review recent developments in gold catalysis as a means toward the synthesis of many biologically important polycyclic indole alkaloids.
    Indole alkaloids are a highly complex and diverse family of natural products with widespread biological activity. Gold catalysis is a powerful tool that can be used to access a variety of polycyclic skeletons, many of which are present in this unique class of natural products. This review aims to describe recent advances in gold catalysis toward the synthesis of polycyclic indole alkaloids. Fullsize Image