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日本薬学会は,1880年に創立された,我が国では歴史ある学会の一つです.現在,約18000人の会員を擁しており,毎月3誌の学術誌を刊行しております.英文による学術誌の一つとして「Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Chem. Pharm. Bull.)は, 1953年にPharmaceutical Bulletinとして創刊され,その後Chem. Pharm. Bull. と名称を変え,薬学と健康科学に関する化学分野をカバーしています.二つ目として,「Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin」(Biol. Pharm. Bull.) があり,これは1978年に創刊されたJournal Pharmacobio-Dynamicsを起源としており,更に1953年に創刊され,2012年に内容を引き継いだJournal of Health Scienceの後継誌として,薬学と健康科学に関する生物学分野を領域としています.英文と和文両方にて構成される学術誌として,「YAKUGAKU ZASSHI」(薬学雑誌)があり,本学術誌は学会創立の翌年(1881年)に創刊され,最も長い歴史を有しています.薬学雑誌では,和文による原著論文・総説等のほか,臨床薬学領域研究については英文による投稿も受け付けています. 日本薬学会におけるこれら学術誌のスコープは,基礎研究から臨床研究に至る幅広い分野に渡りますが,いずれも薬学・健康科学をベースとしています。3誌に投稿された論文の平均審査期間は,現在,投稿された方へ最初の判定を通知するまでに約1か月ですが,更なる時間短縮を目指しています.3誌ともにJ-STAGEにて無料公開しており,研究成果を世に広める一助となることを期待しております.皆様の研究成果をChem. Pharm. Bull.やBiol. Pharm. Bull.,薬学雑誌へ積極的にご投稿下さいますよう,よろしくお願い申し上げます.

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68 巻 (2020) 5 号 p. 405-420
Development of Copper-Catalyzed Chemoselective Reactions もっと読む

“Soft” nature of copper catalysis enabled two types of chemoselective reactions. First, C-C bond forming reactions at an anomeric carbon of unprotected aldoses were developed by taking advantage of orthogonal reactivity between “soft” organocopper species and “hard” polar functional groups, free hydroxy groups. Second, preferential reaction between “soft” copper species and “soft” C-C multiple bonds enabled difunctionalization of the multiple bonds by controlling the reaction order of three reactive species. Well-controlled stereo- and/or regioselectivity of the reactions is another important feature of the copper catalysts.

68 巻 (2020) 5 号 p. 436-442
Constituents of the Fruiting Body of Poisonous Mushroom Omphalotus japonicus もっと読む

Omphalotus japonicus (Tsukiyotake in japanese) is well-known as a poisonous mushroom in Japan. In this study, the authors isolated six new sesquiterpenes, four known sesquiterpenes and two known steroids from the fruiting body of O. japonicus with column chromatography, solid-phase extraction (SPE), and HPLC. The chemical structures were determined with NMR, MS and IR spectra. Relative configuration was determined with NOE correlations and absolute configuration was determined with ECD calculation. Three new compounds showed growth-restoring activity against mutant yeast via calcium-signal transduction.

68 巻 (2020) 5 号 p. 452-465
Novel Indirect AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Activators: Identification of a Second-Generation Clinical Candidate with Improved Physicochemical Properties and Reduced hERG Inhibitory Activity もっと読む

This paper describes that the synthesis and evaluation of novel indirect adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activators. The series of compounds selectively inhibited cell growth in several human breast cancer cell lines by activating AMPK. The back-up medicinal chemistry synthetic research on ASP4132, a previously reported clinical compound that acts as an indirect AMPK activator, led to the successful identification of 27b as a second-generation clinical candidate with promising profiles such as high aqueous solubility and less human Ether-a-go-go Related Gene (hERG) channel inhibitory activity.

68 巻 (2020) 5 号 p. 466-472
Discovery of 1,3-Disubstituted 2,5-Diketopiperazine Derivatives as Potent Class I HDACs Inhibitors もっと読む

The 2, 5-diketopiperazine (DKP) scaffold exists in many natural product families, ranging from fungi and bacteria to the plant kingdom and mammals. Because of the privileged structure and the ability to bind vast receptors, it has become extremely attractive synthetic target for the assembly of natural product-like libraries for drug discovery. In this article, a series of novel derivatives containing DKP skeleton were developed as targeted inhibitors. Several compounds exhibited distinct HDAC1 inhibitory activities and showed antiproliferative activities against K562 and HL-60 tumor cell line.

68 巻 (2020) 5 号 p. 473-478
Instrument-Dependent Factors Affecting the Precision in the Atomic Force Microscopy Stiffness Measurement of Nanoscale Liposomes もっと読む

Instrument-dependent factors affecting the precision in the atomic force microscopy stiffness measurement of nanoscale liposomes was examined. The tip shape evaluation method previously developed can be widely used via IC-mode force curve measurements as well as via QI mode. It was also revealed that spatial drift of the cantilever position was instrument-dependent factors which could affect the precision of liposome stiffness measurements in the case of IC-mode force curve measurement. These findings will promote the usage of the AFM stiffness measurement method for the characterization of lipid nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.

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  • Chem. Pharm. Bull. Vol. 68 No. 3
    Current Topics: Drug Discovery: Recent Progress and the Future