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Volume 26 , Issue 2
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  • Yoriko IWAMOTO, Takahiro KASSAI
    2017 Volume 26 Issue 2 Pages 76-80
    Published: June 25, 2017
    Released: June 25, 2018

    We surgically excised neck tumors in aged 16 years 8 months and aged 15 years 10 months mixed-breed cat. It was diagnosed as thyroid cancer in a histopathological diagnosis. Vascular infiltration and extracapsular infiltration were observed in one subject, recurrence and metastasis were not observed in either subject following excision, and both subjects survived 1 year or longer postoperatively. It has been reported that thyroid cancer diagnosis for cats are extremely rare in the West and this accounts for approximately 2% of all cases. Among those cases, a high rate of recurrence and metastasis to the lungs or lymph nodes has been observed, and prognosis is reportedly poor. It is suggested that the difference in evaluation criteria of thyroid cancer and the difference in histological type of developing tumors between Japan and the West may lead to the possibility of good clinical course in Japan.

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  • Yuko WADA, Tsuyoshi YAMANE, Kazuaki TAKASHIMA, Yoshihisa YAMANE
    2017 Volume 26 Issue 2 Pages 81-85
    Published: June 25, 2017
    Released: June 25, 2018

    A one-year-old male cockatoo (Cacatua alba) was brought to our hospital because of anorexia with excessive salivation. The patient had progressive abnormalities of the beak and feather. The case was evaluated based on a clinical examination, and psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) virus DNA was detected with PCR. Hence, we diagnosed the case as PBFD. Beak trimming was done and palliative therapy including administration of interferon and antibiotics was provided to the patient. However, beak necrosis and feather dystrophy progressed, and the patient died of immunodeficiency on the 314th day.

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  • Hirohito HASAKO, Kuniyoshi YASUKAWA, Yuki SHOJI, Akihisa SUWA, Tomohir ...
    2017 Volume 26 Issue 2 Pages 86-90
    Published: June 25, 2017
    Released: June 25, 2018

    An 11 - year - old mongrel dog was recognized to have a remarkable increase in peripheral blood lymphocytes and an enlargement of the superficial lymph nodes. In the peripheral blood smear examination, a remarkable increase in small lymphocytes was observed. On examination of the bone marrow, the small lymphocytes occupied most of the nucleated cells. Results of an analysis of antigen receptor rearrangement using polymerase chain reaction of the peripheral blood showed a clonal expansion of B cells. Thus, a diagnosis of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia was made. Middle-sized lymphocytes were uniformly observed in the aspirate of a needle biopsy of the popliteal and the inguinal lymph nodes and spleen. Findings of the histopathological examination were consistent with a poorly differentiated lymphoma. In addition, these lymphocytes were diagnosed as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma because CD20 was diffusely positive and CD3 was negative on immunohistochemical staining. The case had positive outcomes with the UW25 protocol. After completion of the protocol, there was no recurrence and the disease has been benign as of day 1270.

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