Food and Clinical Nutrition
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Volume 2017e
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  • Takashi Maoka, Naomi Yasui, Hiroko Negishi, Katsumi Ikeda, Tomohiro Am ...
    2017 Volume 2017e Pages 1-9
    Published: 2017
    Released: February 12, 2019
    ImmuBalance® is a fermentation product of a defatted soybean with koji fungus (Aspergillus oryzae) and lactic acid bacterium (Enterococus faecium and Pediococcus parvulus). The active compound of ImmuBalance® was screened with down-regulation of Th2 responses assay. As the result, macromolecule fraction having molecular weight about 10,000 showed strong activity. The structure of this compound was determined as polysaccharides by NMR. Hydrolysis experiment showed that this polysaccharide was mainly consisted with arabinose (41.4 %), galactose (23.7 %), and xylose (10.4 %). The results indicated that this polysaccharide was resembled to soy sauce polysaccharides (arabinogalactan and arabino xylan). Furthermore, rhamnose, ribose, fucose, mannose and glucose were identified as minor components. These sugars might be derived from polysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacterium (Enterococus faecium and Pediococcus parvulus). Therefore, the activity compound of ImmuBalance® was called as koji polysaccharides. Koji polysaccharides protect against allergic reaction that protection was associated with down-regulation of Th2 responses
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