Transactions on GIGAKU
Transactions on GIGAKU: Scope and Policy

Nagaoka University of Technology publishes an open access journal called “Transactions on GIGAKU”, which focuses on the science and technology related to GIGAKU*. The mission of this online journal is to spread the concept and fruits of GIGAKU worldwide. The journal acts as a platform for researchers and engineers to share their innovations in science and technology in the development of the next generation of pioneers. Therefore, this journal covers a broad range of research and education activities related to GIGAKU.

* See ‘What is GIGAKU?’ below.

‘What is GIGAKU?’

GIGAKU is a term composed of two Japanese word roots; gi and gaku. The word gi [技] literally represents all kinds of arts and technologies, while gaku [学] generally represents scientific disciplines when used as a suffix.

The term “GIGAKU” was originally coined to describe the fundamental philosophy of education and research of NUT when the university was established in 1976. Through this term, the founders of NUT intended to express their recognition that all technical challenges in the real world require a scientific approach. NUT has relentlessly pursued GIGAKU since then.

Since NUT was established, its surrounding environment has changed dramatically. We are witnessing rapidly globalizing economies and large-scale changes in the global demographic,industrial, and employment structure. All those changes seem to necessitate the further evolution of GIGAKU. In response to this dramatic change, NUT has announced a new “Growth Plan,” which includes a renewed definition of “GIGAKU.”

GIGAKU describes science and technologies, which gives us the scope to analyze and reinterpret diverse technical processes and objects, leading to the advancement of technologies. By employing abroad range of knowledge about science and engineering, management engineering, safety engineering, information technology, life sciences, and so on, GIGAKU provides us with workable solutions and induces future innovations.
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