New Waves in Hydrometry
New Waves in Hydrometry is a journal for engineers involved in measurements and observations across hydrological processes and riverine environments. The hydrological processes consist of movement of water and transported constituents (pollutants, sediment, debris, etc). The riverine environments include above and below water surface topography and surface and subsurface properties. The journal brings to the attention of the community advances in the science and engineering hydrometry with emphasis on cost-efficient measurement approaches that can be quickly adopted by a wide range of hydrometric services. Detailed descriptions on protocols and instrumental setup, as well as an in-depth discussion of the results, are encouraged. Reports of failures of instruments or protocols are welcome if are associated with substantial discussions. Discussion on the organizational aspects related to the advances in hydrometry is an integral part of the journal scope. The overall journal goal is to keep the international hydrometric community abreast on technical and organizational aspects as applied in various countries and stimulate the exchange of innovative ideas that continue to advance the discipline into the future.
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Published by Japan Society of Civil Engineers  
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(updated on September 21, 2021)
Online ISSN : 2436-214X