Annual Review of the Institute for Advanced Social Research
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Volume 8
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  • Masahiko ARAYAMA
    2012 Volume 8 Pages 1-17
    Published: 2012
    Released: May 15, 2021
    This paper will clarify the colonial tourism in Japan of the 1920s to the 1930s. A series of tourist guidebooks “Ryotei to Hiyougaisan ” (Itinerary and expense for tourists)of the Japan Tourist Bureau issue were used for this studies. Ryotei to Hiyougaisan was written about a day trip or a short trip in two nights, three days around Tokyo and a tour in a week or 10 days for Hokkaido, Kyusyu, and the Tohoku region. Furthermore, the book was written about a tour for Saghalien, Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria where overseas territories or colony for modern Japan.
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  • Yongxiang Li, Mei LIN
    2012 Volume 8 Pages 19-42
    Published: 2012
    Released: May 15, 2021
    This paper aims to discuss a case of sustainable development in the residential areas of ethnic minorities in the southwestern China in the light of environmental development that has become a focus of rural development and the state power of China. Debris avalanche that struck Shuitang area in Xinping district in Yunnan is taken up as a case study to examine following topics ; interest of the state power in rural development, services for rural villagers granted by nation, evaluation of rural development by nation, sustainable development relating to environmental problem, environmental security, and the problem of resource management and distribution. Rural development, environmental change, effects of state power and relations among ethnic groups in Honghe basin are to be elucidated by close examination of disaster situation and response for it in the Daizu village, the Hanzu village, and the Yizu village in Shuitang area. Over all, this paper clarifies an epitome of society among ethnic minorities in that area, and advocates necessities of creating a new logic of sustainable development that covers previous studies by the interdisciplinary approach concerning rural development, environmental security, and economic development.
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