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Volume 25 , Issue 5
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  • Makiko Sugiura, Tsuneyo Tsuboi, Akito Takahashi
    2005 Volume 25 Issue 5 Pages 364-369
    Published: 2005
    Released: July 29, 2015
    The modeling effect of human face has been studied from the view points of using model such as mannequin. Recently,the image of the human face with the reality can be made with advancement of the computer graphics (CG)technique. Using this technique, facial impression can be varied easily and minutely because of width of the selection of lighting condition compared with the method using model. In this paper,modeling effect of human face is examined by visually appraising CG images of human faces instead of model such as mannequin. Consequently,the following results are obtained. (1) The correlation between the taste for facial impression and the factor score is found on the basis of the subjective evaluation. (2) The fractal dimension on luminance distribution of human face depends on the vertical angle of irradiation light and also the difference between male and female faces. (3) It is able to be visually recognized that the facial impression is different with changing ratio of brightness of irradiation light from right and left, but it is found that the change of fractal dimension is very small.
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  • Rihei Uda, Kenji Kitamura, Takehiko Takahashi
    2005 Volume 25 Issue 5 Pages 370-377
    Published: 2005
    Released: July 29, 2015
    With the developments of the society in Information Technology in recent years,electrical equipment for the home is becoming more and more advanced. More electrical appliances for the home are of greater capacity using 200V of single-phase 3 wires and there is more internet enabled information technology equipment. Protective earthing is required for these home electrical appliances to prevent electric shock and functional earthing to ensure the operation of electronic appliances. Furthermore,there is a trend to equip the panel board with a surge protective device(SPD)for the protection of the electric power line against lightning surges. Earthing is indispensable to this SPD as well. When we consider the future proliferation of electrical and computerized homes,equipment earthing is critical. This equipment earthing can be used as an earthing electrode. This approach is defined in Electricity Utilities Industry Law Interpretations and the Japanese Industrial Standard (JlS-A-4201)in our country as “Structure Earthing”,and it is implemented. As for Germany,reinforced concrete of housing is specifically used as earthing electrode. However,in our country,there is no example where housing foundation is put to practical use as an earthing electrode substitution. Hence,this paper examined the estimation of earthing resistance of housing foundation used as a substitute earthing electrode,considering the size and form of the foundation.
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