Innovation and Supply Chain Management
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Volume 12 , Issue 2
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  • Shoya YAMADA, Aya Ishigaki, Tetsuo YAMADA
    Type: research-article
    2018 Volume 12 Issue 2 Pages 21-
    Published: June 29, 2018
    Released: April 11, 2020

    In recent years, electronic commerce (EC) using a portable terminal has become familiar, and the number of people using online shops is increasing. Moreover, the number of companies entering the online shopping market is increasing, thus intensifying the competition between companies. As a result, a company that manages business to consumer (B2C) EC sites must consider providing more and varied services to attract customers. To capture more customers, these companies may also introduce protocols to optimize current service provision by, say, ensuring timely delivery. Therefore, cooperation is essential between companies that manage B2C EC sites and those that deliver the goods. This study aims to develop an order picking scheduling model that considers parcel pickup time and investigates the in?uence of various parameters.

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