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Volume 87 , Issue 6
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Original Articles
  • Shingo MORIIZUMI, Shinnosuke USUI
    2011 Volume 87 Issue 6 Pages 211-225
    Published: 2011
    Released: July 25, 2013
    Although the risk propensity questionnaire (RPQ) developed by Moriizumi et al. (2010) is a reliable and valid scale to measure the tendency to take risks in daily life, there remain some limitations that should be considered. In order to re-examine the reliability of RPQ, a questionnaire survey was conducted for 1058 people in various age groups. The results of factor analysis confirmed the reliability of RPQ by removing a few items from it. For the purpose of re-testing the validity of RPQ, an experiment was conducted by means of the balloon analogue task (BART ; Lejuez et al., 2002) to measure the risk-taking behaviour empirically. In the experiment, the relationship between RPQ and BART was examined by considering each RPQ factor. The results suggested the validity of RPQ, although some RPQ factors were not supported statistically. The need for further study to indicate the utility of RPQ was discussed.
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Topics and Opinions
  • Shun’ichi HORIGUCHI, Keiko TERAMOTO, Hisahide NISHIO, Chiyo HAYA ...
    2011 Volume 87 Issue 6 Pages 226-239
    Published: 2011
    Released: July 25, 2013
    The cause of “so-called meningitis in infancy (SCMI)” was not clarified for about 30 years in our country from the middle of the Meiji Era (1867–1912) until the end of the Taisho Era (1912–1926). Professor Ikutaro Hirai of pediatrics at Kyoto University cleared up the cause in 1923. After his first report, so many articles on SCMI were published as though the flood burst the dam. Although a few authors were against the Hirai’s lead-poisoning theory, the great majority of authors presented evidence in support of his study. In this report, we reviewed articles on SCMI published in Acta Paediatrica Japonica which were issued in the period of 1923~1926. The articles which we dealt within this sketch involved pathology, laboratory test studies and animal experiments, continuing from reviews, statistics, surveys, case-reports and clinical experiences in the first part.
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  • Masahito HITOSUGI
    2011 Volume 87 Issue 6 Pages 240-247
    Published: 2011
    Released: July 25, 2013
    Sudden onset of signs and symptoms of disease while driving can cause motor vehicle accidents. To minimize the fatalities or injuries of persons due to road traffic accidents, the health of drivers must be promoted. The diseases of drivers have to be controlled adequately. The drivers prefer to avoid taking medicines which may disturb driving ability. When the drivers are aware of any health problem while driving, they should voluntary stop the vehicle to prevent a major attack and subsequent accidents. Establishing effective procedures for reporting sudden medical symptoms among drivers is needed in the companies. Further attention might be needed to protect driver’s health.
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