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  • Soichi Murata, Takenori Ichimura, Hayato Murata, Takahiro Saito, Hirok ...
    2022 Volume 17 Issue 2 Pages 2-10
    Published: 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: February 04, 2023

    Pharmacy management by community pharmacists is required. However, a health-related quality of life(QOL) assessment is not a standardized essential assessment of pharmacotherapy. Therefore, we developed a medical application using EuroQOL-5-Dimension-5-Level (EQ-5D-5L) for standardization of a health-related QOL measurement. Community pharmacists participated in a health-related QOL evaluation workshop using the application. Afterwards, a questionnaire survey was administered to evaluate the application and identify problems. From the results of the questionnaire survey, we found it was necessary to consider the operability of the application and appropriate patient selection before introducing the application for use. The application will be used for patients in the future. In addition, we will include patient safety management in the standardization of health-related QOL evaluations.

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  • Nobuyuki Doi, Akiko Omi, Takashi Tomizawa
    2022 Volume 17 Issue 2 Pages 11-23
    Published: 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: February 04, 2023

    The introduction and utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) for Community pharmacy (specifically, that for pharmacies is called pharmaceutical technology: Pharma Tech) have become indispensable for better clinical outcomes (including pharmaceutical care), health services, and patient convenience. However, it has not been examined whether ICT utilization is welcome to or being promoted among pharmacists as Pharma Tech users. This study examined the current status of digitization/ICT utilization for pharmacy pharmacists’ duties and their attitudes toward this trend, including recognition of the necessity of promoting it and resistance to it.

    Among all pharmacists, 86.7% recognized the necessity of promoting digitization/ICT utilization in their workplaces. Regarding the status of ICT utilization between 2 types of pharmacies, the rates for the following items were significantly higher among chain than independent pharmacies: electronic medication history, electronic medication handbooks, pharmaceutical inventory management system, post-dose follow-up system, prescription transmission system, dispensing error prevention system, and the introduction of electronic payment function. The rates for pharmacy pharmacies’ positive attitudes toward the promotion of digitization/ICT utilization, progress, training for ICT device use, and des-ignating the person in charge specializing in ICT were also significantly higher among chain pharmacies.

    The results revealed differences between independent and chain pharmacies in the status of digitization/ICT utilization, suggesting that, other than financial factors on the part of the organizations, ICT device vendors are not creating value commensurate with costs at present.

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