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Research Note
  • A Case Study of the Important Cultural Landscape “Farm Village of Hinenosho-Ōgi
    Yasuhiro NITTA
    2020 Volume 66 Issue 3 Pages 223-236
    Published: September 30, 2020
    Released: September 30, 2021

        This article conducts an analysis on the interpretations of cultural landscape with a focus on guided walking. The “Farm village of Hinenosho-Ōgi” is located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, and is a cultural landscape that has been selected as a cultural property. It is also considered an important area in terms of the landscape, including the historical site, “Remains of Hinenosho Manor”. However, the perspectives that are evaluated as cultural landscapes, such as a living system derived from the Manor Period in dynamic living/farming spaces, are more dynamic and provide a specific geographical sense by adding new interpretations based on tourism practices. Previous geographical studies on cultural landscapes have been focused on regional issues related to sustaining livelihoods or regional development utilizing cultural property. In contrast, in the context of tourism, it is influenced partly by, but not limited to, socially constructed institutional value. Rather, the ʻgazingʼ is directed at various objects and is interpreted in multiple ways. Specifically, it shows that cultural landscapes including a historical site are interpreted in a way that not only gives an understanding of those days, but also makes sense for people living in modern society. From the above, the author argues that new value is created from the dynamic and fluctuating process of interpretation.

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