Journal of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry
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Volume 18, Issue 1
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  • Rika ISHII
    2020 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 1-4
    Published: 2020
    Released on J-STAGE: May 04, 2020

    TheraCal™ LC is radiopaque, HEMA-free, light-curable flowable resin containing calcium silicates. Its unique apatite stimulating ability makes it ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner. It is the first of a new class of internal flowable materials to serve in protecting and stimulating pulpal repair and will likely be described by the profession as a light-curable resin-modified calcium silicate. TheraCal LC’s hydrophilic resin formula is unique. It is permeable to dentinal fluid but relatively insoluble to resist dissolution. TheraCal LC may act or resemble a scaffold for dentin formation. Dentinal fluids are readily absorbed within it resulting in the release of calcium and hydroxide ions. Immediately one of the tooth’s responses is to form apatite (HA) to the undersurface of TheraCal LC potentiating the natural sealing ability of the product. Its biocompatibility and ability to assist in the formation of apatite may play a critical and positive role in pulpal protection. TheraCal LC is dispensed via its flowable syringe directly onto moist affected dentin or exposed pulp tissue. Hand mixing, instrument placement, or triturating is not needed. It is light-cured at 20-second impulses in up to 1-mm increments. The rapid calcium release assists in stimulating the tooth’s natural healing process.

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  • Koji TANAKA
    2020 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 5-8
    Published: 2020
    Released on J-STAGE: May 04, 2020

    NEX MTA Cement was released in 2013 as the first domestic product. NEX MTA Cement is manufactured in our factory starting from fabrication of Portland cement as main component of MTA cement under strict quality control. Features of NEX MTA Cement are typical and simple formulation and unit-dose package.

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  • Chidzuru INAMI, Sayuri IWASAKI, Masuji TSUCHIKAWA
    2020 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 9-13
    Published: 2020
    Released on J-STAGE: May 04, 2020

    We developed a novel MTA-based material that exploits advantages of both tri-n-butylborane (TBB) and MTA. In August 2019, we launched the resin-modified MTA-based material called “ Super MTA Paste ” . Unlike hydraulic MTA-based materials, Super MTA Paste does not require mixing with water or curing with a cotton ball. Curing of this material is driven by chemical polymerization initiated by TBB. We have adopted a high-purity dental white Portland cement that was developed and synthesized in Japan. Super MTA paste is a material that has not only easy operability and marginal sealing properties of resin-based materials, but also high biocompatibility by combining TBB and high-purity dental white Portland cement.

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