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Journal of Epidemiology Vol. 4(1994) No. 2


Kenji Wakai, Yoshiyuki Ohno, Susumu Watanabe, Goi Sakamoto, Fujio Kasumi, Sadao Suzuki, Nakako Kubo-Fujiwara

Released: November 30, 2007


Hideaki Toyoshima, Shuji Hashimoto, Kunio Miyanishi, Senji Hayashi, Naohito Tanabe, Toshiya Aizaki, Tadashi Satoh, Shizuko Wakai, Makiko Fujiwara

Released: November 30, 2007


Takao Suzuki, Harumi Nagai, Hiroshi Shibata, Hidenori Amano, Shu Kumagai, Shuichiro Watanabe, Seiji Yasumura, Hiroshi Haga

Released: November 30, 2007


Akira Babazono, Toshihide Tsuda, Eiji Yamamoto, Yoshio Mino, Tsuneko Babazono, Yoshiki Kishi, Jun Sigemi, Takanori Ogawa, Hideyasu Aoyama

Released: November 30, 2007


Masakazu Washjo, Noritaka Tokui, Seiya Okuda, Akinori Nagashima, Toru Sanai, Hideki Hirakata, Takesumi Yoshimura, Masatoshi Fujishima

Released: November 30, 2007


Letters to the editor will be published, if suitable, as space permits. They may be subject to editing or abridgement

Shuji Hashimoto

Released: November 30, 2007


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