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Volume 17 , Issue 1
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  • Based on Actual Conditions of Purchase/Use at Confectionary Shops
    Miki SHIBUYA
    2010 Volume 17 Issue 1 Pages 2-14
    Published: June 30, 2010
    Released: August 04, 2011
    Backed by commercial buyers' high demand for domestic summer and autumn strawberries, there is a trend among farmers aiming for advantageous sales to seek direct transaction with confectionary shops. In this article, to clarify the sales target of direct transaction toward advantageous sales led by farmers, the situations of production/distribution of domestic summer and autumn strawberries and the actual conditions of purchase/use of summer and autumn strawberries at confectionary shops were analyzed. The following three points were revealed: first, for producing districts of summer and autumn strawberries are not established, i.e. areas other than Hokkaido, it is realistic to do business with large stores, excluding confectionary makers, at present; second, because direct transaction led by farmers places a large risk and burden on confectionary shops, large stores that have a business relationship advantage tend to avoid it; and third, in the case of “differentiatedproduct-oriented” large stores which choose direct transaction as a route to obtain high-quality materials to be used for differentiating their products from those of other stores, such direct transaction is unlikely to be replaced by another distribution channel. According to these results, in order to sell advantageously through direct transaction, high-quality strawberries with additional differentiators such as breed or taste, which can differentiate the products from those of other confectionary shops, should be produced, and sales should be targeted at “differentiated-productoriented” large stores.
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