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The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology Vol. 52(2006) No. 6

Full Papers

Boris B. San Luis, Cynthia T. Hedreyda

Released: February 27, 2007


Babu Joseph, Pramod W. Ramteke, Pa Ashok Kumar

Released: February 27, 2007


Michal Kalita, Wanda Malek

Released: February 27, 2007


Dušan Jurkovic, Lívia Krizková, Martin Sojka, Anna Belicová, Roman Dušinský, Juraj Krajcovic, Cindy Snauwaert, Sabri Naser, Peter Vandamme, Marc Vancanneyt

Released: February 27, 2007


Ida Romano, Licia Lama, Barbara Nicolaus, Annarita Poli, Agata Gambacorta, Assunta Giordano

Released: February 27, 2007


Yuki Sawatari, Tomomi Hirano, Atsushi Yokota

Released: February 27, 2007


Short Communications

Lisana R. Sirtori, Florencia Cladera-Olivera, Daniel M. Lorenzini, Siu-Mui Tsai, Adriano Brandelli

Released: February 27, 2007


Shin-ichi Miura, Akira Yokota

Released: February 27, 2007


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