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  • Rika Fukuda, Junko Deguchi, Atsushi Inomoto, Toshihiro Toyonaga, Yukih ...
    2019 Volume 62 Issue 7 Pages 369-376
    Published: 2019
    Released: June 26, 2019

    The purpose of this study is to better understand the changes of hearth guidance over time for lifestyles and physical characteristics of adult male employees with single households and to compare with the ones with general households such that effective and efficient health guidance programs may be developed for the future. The study was conducted in 99 male workers of 35-54years old (The first year: 45.2±5.6 years) of nine different companies. All the subjects were also followed up with the health assessment conducted by Kyushu Rosai Hospital Research Center for the Promotion of Health and Employment Support for 3 consecutive years. The ones with the general households were more likely to improve in terms of "eating a lot of vegetables" and "eating moderately of dinner". While there were no significant changes in the employees with single households. In terms of the physical characteristics, there were no significant differences between two groups and in the period of 2 years. We believe that those who live in the general households usually have assistant such as a spouse or mother supporting a meal. However, the ones with single households must prepare for the meal (eating-out, ready-made meal, home cooking) by himself, it was suggested that it was very important to support single-person households to improve their own lifestyles themselves.

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