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Volume 2 , Issue 1
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  • Takashi Nakagawa
    2014 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 1-4
    Published: 2014
    Released: September 01, 2016
    This paper shows a new method of welding foamed plastic boards by heat radiation. In this method, we use a thin metal strip rather than a nichrome wire to produce powerful heat radiation by electric current. This paper first describes the background of this invention and a practical way of implementation, then makes consideration on some factors that will reduce the life of heaters.
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  • Yuriko Tsunoda, Hideaki Orii, Hideaki Kawano, Hiroshi Maeda
    2014 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 5-10
    Published: 2014
    Released: September 01, 2016
    A new computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for a plain chest radiograph is proposed in this study. CAD systems enhancing lung nodules have been actively studied to distinguish the lung nodules. Currently, temporal subtraction (TS) based systems are used extensively for CAD systems to enhance the lung nodules. The TS method can suppress false positives comparatively because it uses the past chest radiograph of the same person. However, the TS method cannot be applied to initial visitors because they have no past chest radiographs. Although a method enhancing the lung nodules with only one chest radiograph selected among other people was proposed, they have several problems. The purpose of this study is to develop a new CAD system which does not need the past chest radiograph. In our method, a pseudo-normal image is synthesized from a database containing chest radiographs of other patients that have already been diagnosed as normal by some medical specialists. Next, the pseudo-normal image is fed into the CAD system instead of a unique past chest radiograph. At last, subtracting the synthesized normal image from target chest radiograph emphasizes lung nodules. The effectiveness and the validity of the proposed method are verified by some experiments.
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  • Takuya Miyazaki, Manabu Shimakawa, Yuhki Kitazono
    2014 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 11-15
    Published: 2014
    Released: September 01, 2016
    The purpose of this study is to make software of equipment that detects siren sound of ambulance and to program it on a microcontroller in the equipment. By using two stages FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on detecting, the characteristics of the siren sound could be converted into numerical values. The proposed method could detect the siren sound in which S/N ratio is approximately 0[dB]. The siren sound was detected properly even under the Doppler effect.
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