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  • Atsushi Saito, Masaki Takashina, Takeshi Takano
    2020 Volume 90 Issue 3 Pages 233-236
    Published: 2020
    Released: August 13, 2020

    There are difficult aspects to properly operating EOG sterilization in health care facilities. As an alternative, LTSF sterilization can be used, but the same concern as EOG sterilization is residual sterilant.

    Since a sterile container is used as packing material for the set products in health care facility, it needs to confirm the residual level inside of the sterile container and remaining on the surface of medical equipment after LTSF sterilization.

    The method was followed with EN14180, and the volume of load is same load volume of routine cycle for LTSF. As a result, the residual level of formaldehyde inside of the sterile container was of no matter compared to the type test data described in EN14180. The same applies to packed medical equipment by sterile container. Such measurement results will be useful information at each health care facility from now on, but the methodology of measurement will need to be discussed.

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  • Kai Ishida
    2020 Volume 90 Issue 3 Pages 237-244
    Published: 2020
    Released: August 13, 2020

    The management of the electromagnetic environment is important for the safe operation of a wireless medical telemeter (WMT). The spectrum analyzer (SA) has been widely used in the investigation and evaluation of electromagnetic environments, including clinical settings. Recently, the simplified SA (SSA) is often installed in WMT receivers. We investigated the performance and usage note of the SSA. The indicated value of the received signal level was also correlated with that of an actual SA, but the measurement error of the signal level was higher than that of the actual SA. In addition, 420 MHz to 450 MHz electromagnetic noise due to the operation of the WMT radiated into the near field of the WMT receiver. Therefore, a separation distance between the WMT receiver and the receiving antenna is required. On the other hand, the SSA can proportionally measure the received signal level in the 420 to 450 MHz band by using one channel of 12.5 kHz. The SSA is potentially useful for basic electromagnetic environment investigations, such as the survey of the usage conditions of WMT channels and the inspection of out-coming radio waves or electromagnetic noise sources.

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  • Hideno Atarashi, Minoru Hirose, Hiroo Ide, Soichi Koike
    2020 Volume 90 Issue 3 Pages 245-255
    Published: 2020
    Released: August 13, 2020

    We conducted a questionnaire survey of 4,000 hospitals in Japan to investigate the current status and issues of medical equipment safety managers (MESMs) who have been required to be assigned to medical institutions for 10 years.

    967 As a result of analyzing valid responses from hospitals, clinical engineers (CEs) are assigned to hospitals, and detailed medical devices such as efficient medical device safety management, individual medical device management, and regular training are provided. It was found that the maintenance of medical equipment was being carried out, but the burden on MESMs was increasing. In order to strengthen the medical equipment safety management system in medical facilities in the future, it is desirable to strengthen the organizational structure and authority of MESMs and CEs and further incentives for medical fees.

    In order to further promote the safety management of medical equipment, the number of medical facilities where CEs are assigned is increased, and even if CEs are not assigned, the minimum safety management of medical equipment is required for all medical facilities. It is necessary to develop an environment that can be practiced at the facility.

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