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Greetings from the 10th JRSM directors
Original Paper
  • Ichiro YAMAGUCHI, Hiroko KANEKO, Terumi HANGAI, Hideto TAKAHASHI
    2020 Volume 19 Issue 2 Pages 79-91
    Published: 2020
    Released: November 27, 2020

     Local workshops for parents and children were held in cooperation with food educators. Each workshop was a dietary education program that included cooking experiences and taste education. The participants' understanding was gained by presenting the facts without hiding them, paying attention to fairness, and respecting the participants' thoughts. The communication about radiation risk using safe mushrooms made in Fukushima Prefecture was accepted by consumers in the Tokyo metropolitan area even who are cautious about radiation risks.

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Case report
  • Yuichiro MANABE, Fuminobu SATO, Yoko AKIYAMA, Tetsuhiro KINUGAWA, Shin ...
    2020 Volume 19 Issue 2 Pages 92-97
    Published: 2020
    Released: November 27, 2020

     We have developed a teaching material for high school students to learn the basic properties of ionizing radiation. The teaching material simply simulates the diagnosis method in SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography), and consists of a radiation source, radiation detectors, and an opaque box as a human brain phantom. Thirty-five students participated in the experiential learning using the teaching material. Before the student experiment, the radiation source was placed in the opaque box, without showing the students where the radiation source was. The students measured the dose rates at several positions outside the opaque box. The position of the radiation source was estimated from the dose rates according to the inverse square law of ionizing radiation. This experiential learning effectively helped the students understand the basic properties of ionizing radiation.

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Proceeding of the 17th JRSM Symposium on June