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Volume 32 , Issue 1
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  • Akira TSUDA
    2014 Volume 32 Issue 1 Pages 1-5
    Published: February 10, 2014
    Released: May 29, 2014
    【Objectives】The aim of the study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of microwave endometrial ablation (MEA) in women with nodular adenomyosis for office-based gynecology.
    Twelve outpatients (average age:46.5) who hoped to avoid hysterectomy underwent MEA with transcervical microwave adenomyolysis (TCMAM) for the treatment of menorrhagia due to nodular adenomyosis whose maximum diameter was 53.4±11.3mm.
    【Results】The mean operation time was 20.1±4.9 min. The blood loss during a monthly menstrual period decreased to 1.4 (0~5) on VAS score (score before operation =10). The VAS score of dysmenorrhea decreased to 1.1 (0~4) . The average VAS score regarding feelings of satisfaction for MEA was 9.7(full score =10).
    MEA with TCMAM is feasible for treatment of both menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea due to nodular adenomyosis in office day surgical procedure.
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