Journal of the Japan Organization of Clinical Dermatologists
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Volume 29 , Issue 3
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  • Nishii Kimiko, Yukio Sasagawa, Tsukasa Ohkawa
    2012 Volume 29 Issue 3 Pages 404-415
    Published: 2012
    Released: June 14, 2018
    In November, 2010, in order to know the actual circumstances of frequently discussed problems in the school health management, we carried out a questionnaire survey for 1000 randomly selected members of Japan Organization of Clinical Dermatologists (JOCD),and got 458 answers (45.8%)as shown below. About a treatment policy for molluscum contagiosum, 83.4% of respondents replied "should be treated". With regard to the expulsive removal of mollucum body, 44.8% replied “perform positively”, 50.7% " case by case", and 4.1% “never perform”. Comparing this questionnaire survey with the same one in 1992 , significant difference was recognized by the decrease of “the ratio of expulsive removal of molluscum body" and the increase of "the ratio of permission for the swimming pool".
    About utilization of the instruction sheet for school life management(for allergic diseases), 289 of 458 respondents (63.1%)replied “no experience”. Furthermore, about the fee for such statements, only 8.3% replied “charge” and 26.6% replied “free of charge”. With regard to the prescription of Epipen®, 74.2% had no experience and 21.8% answered that there was experience. About the activity to add ” head pediculosis” to a disease targeted for the public medical ticket, 87.6% approved of it, and 8.1% objected. We hereby report this survey result including the above and make some considerations.