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Journal of Oral Science Vol. 41(1999) No. 2

Mitsuhiko Matsumoto, Kazuo Komiyama, Masahiro Okaue, Yuhko Shimoyama, Keiko Iwakami, Shunsuke Namaki, Hiroshi Tanaka, Itaru Moro, Hiroshi Sato

Released: March 11, 2011


Berrin Ünsal, Gönen Özcan, Gülay Tüter, Bülent Kurtis, Mehmet Yalim

Released: March 11, 2011


Minoru Hori, Masahiro Okaue, Daisuke Harada, Masaru Ono, Toshiyuki Goto, Yusuke Tada, Daisuke Kamogawa, Mitsuhiko Matsumoto, Hiroshi Tanaka

Released: March 11, 2011


Bennett Tochukwu Amaechi, Susan Mary Higham, William Michael Edgar

Released: March 11, 2011


F. H. Nociti Jr., E. A. Sallum, S. Toledo, H. N. Newman, A. W. Sallum

Released: March 11, 2011


María Elena López de Bocanera, Myriam Adriana Koss de Stisman, Elena Bru de Labanda, Amalia Chervonagura de Gepner

Released: March 11, 2011


Tetsuo Shimoyama, Norio Horie, Daisuke Nasu, Takahiro Kaneko, Takao Kato, Takahiro Tojo, Tsubura Suzuki, Fumio Ide

Released: March 11, 2011


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