The Journal of Nihon University School of Dentistry
Online ISSN : 1884-2984
Print ISSN : 0029-0432
ISSN-L : 0029-0432
33 巻 , 4 号
  • Z. H. A. RAHIM, H. B. YAACOB
    1991 年 33 巻 4 号 p. 205-210
    発行日: 1991年
    公開日: 2011/03/11
    ジャーナル フリー
    The concentrations of calcium, phosphate, protein and nitrite in whole unstimulated saliva, and the salivary flow rate under fasting conditions (saliva collected at least after 6 h without food and water) were compared with those under control conditions (saliva collected within 30 min to 1 h after food). The flow rate of fasting saliva was half that of control (0.098 ml/min vs 0.208 ml/min) and no significant differences in the flow rate were observed between sexes. The concentration of nitrite under fasting conditions was 50% higher than that in control saliva (p < 0.05). The protein concentration was decreased, but not significantly, under fasting conditions. The composition of fasting saliva with regard to calcium and phosphate concentrations was comparable to that of the control. No significant variations in these components between sexes were observed under either condition.
  • A. Wallace PARK, Hashim B. YAACOB
    1991 年 33 巻 4 号 p. 211-243
    発行日: 1991年
    公開日: 2011/03/11
    ジャーナル フリー
    Belief in a golden age has provided mankind with solace in times of despair and with élan during the expansive periods of history. Dreamers imagine the golden age in the remote past, in paradise lost, free from toil and grief. Optimists put their faith in the future and believe that mankind, Prometheus-like, will master the arts of life through power and knowledge. Thus, the golden age means different things to different men, but the very belief in its existence implies the conviction that perfect health and happiness are birthrights of men. Yet, in reality, complete freedom from disease and from struggle is almost incompatible with the process of living.