Journal of Environmental Conservation Engineering
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Volume 43 , Issue 2
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  • Yoshiya OGAWA, Kenji SAWAI, Hiroshi ISSHIKI, Kazuaki AKAI
    2014 Volume 43 Issue 2 Pages 102-110
    Published: February 20, 2014
    Released: March 03, 2014
    Estuary sedimentation often blocks flood passage and navigation.This study was done to clear changes of flow condition by presence of a tidal pond(UTSURO),focused on a tide change. The results are summarized as follows:・ As long as a tidal pond is located near a sea and its area is not so large, the water level in the pond almost corresponds to that in the sea, and the flow discharge into and out of the pond is proportional to the area ofthe pond.・ When the length of a tidal channel is near a multiple of the odd quarter of wave length, resonance occurs in the tidal channel.・ The Naka River estuary in Japan and the Huangpu River estuary in China satisfy the resonance condition, and their depths are kept deep.・Sedimentation at the Yellow River Estuary should be controlled by this method.
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