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  • Tomohiro KOYANO, Katsunari TAKAHASHI, Akira HOSOKAWA, Tatsuaki FURUMOT ...
    2022 Volume 56 Issue 141 Pages 52-
    Published: 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: May 24, 2022

    A new tool electrode for surface texturing by electrochemical machining is developed to minimize the size of the texture pattern. The processing parts and the electrolyte supply parts are made of thin plates, and they are laminated and assembled to make a tool electrode for texturing of parallel grooves. A micro-texture pattern of the tool electrode is simultaneously replicated on the workpiece by electrochemical machining. Experimental results show that by reducing the width of the electrolyte supply part, the pitch of the texture pattern can be reduced, although the groove width does not change. This tendency is in agreement with the analytical results. In addition, by reducing the width of the processing part, the groove width of the machined surface can be reduced. As a result, a micro-texture pattern of parallel grooves with a width and pitch less than 100 μm can be fabricated. In consecutive fabrications of the texture pattern with the same electrode, by setting the electrolyte flow rate to the optimum value, the number of times of successful machining can be increased.

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